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Wedding Video Facts

We recently ran across some national statistics regarding professional wedding video and thought that it was interesting enough to share.

  • 98% of ALL newlyweds recommend future brides have their wedding professionally videotaped
  • Before their wedding, only 50% of brides-to-be consider video one of their top 10 wedding “must haves.” After the wedding, that number rises to 75%;
  • 45% of brides that have their wedding videotaped by an amateur would have preferred a professional videographer after viewing the results;
  • 38% of couples have their wedding videotaped (amateur and professional), compared to 98% that have their wedding professionally photographed. Of those that do not have their wedding videotaped, 68% regret their decision.






The statistic that stands out in my mind is that 98% of all newlyweds recommend to others that their wedding be professionally videotaped (professional means someone that has training, experience, and professional equipment). Your wedding is a one-time event and should be documented. You can never go back and do it again.

Don’t deny your children the opportunity to see Mommy and Daddy getting married and don’t deny yourself the opportunity to relive that day on every anniversary and far into the future. We understand that professional wedding videography is an investment and budget these days are tight, but there are methods and means to help make it affordable. We always welcome the opporunity to discuss our packages and how you can benefit from some of our packages.